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About Us

Why we do what we do.

Tumblin' Tots was opened in 2007 in an effort to provide the community with fitness classes for preschool age children. Our owner and instructors have a passion for children and fitness, allowing them to create excitement and energy during each class!

Our Goal

The goal of all Tumblin' Tots classes is for the children to enjoy being active. Allowing children the opportunity to begin exercise at a young age can encourage them to lead active, healthy lives as they grow older. Our fitness programs are designed to build motor skills and coordination while children are having fun and developing social skills.    

What happens in class?

Classes include movement, music, tumbling, exercise, sports related activities, games, listening and cooperation. Children will increase flexibility, balance and rhythm, and consequently improve self-esteem, and confidence. Props and equipment used to stimulate children and make the fitness "fun" include; bean bags, hoops, balls, balance beams, tunnels, mats, maracas, scarves, dancing ribbons, flying discs, cones, hurdles, parachute, footballs, beach balls, and more! 


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